Peer Learning Sessions

Peer learning sessions aim to foster meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing among participants. Expected outcomes include a rich exchange of experiences, actionable ideas and strategies for promoting participatory urban governance, and enhanced partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders to address challenges in Tier II and Tier III cities.

Expected Outcomes of the Sessions

Rich Exchange of Experiences

Participants will engage in meaningful dialogue, sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from their experience of active citizen engagement practices.

Actionable Ideas and Strategies

Through collaborative problem solving discussions, participants will discuss actionable ideas and strategies to promote participatory urban governance through citizen engagement.

Enhanced Partnerships and Collaboration

The session will serve as a platform for building and strengthening partnerships among stakeholders to address the challenges around effective citizen engagement.

Structure of the Peer Learning Sessions

Introduction and Objectives:

  • Briefing on the session’s theme and objective
  • Introduction of participants

Expert Presentations:

  • Presentations by urban experts 
  • Case studies highlighting best practices

Interactive Discussions:

  • Open discussions facilitated by a moderator
  • Participants share experiences, challenges, and solutions

Group Activities:

  • Breakout sessions for smaller groups to work on specific problem statements 
  • Collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving exercises

Feedback and Reflection:

  • Participants share key takeaways and feedback
  • Reflection on how to implement the discussed practices in their local contexts.

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