Siddharth Pandit

Siddharth comes with a varied background in urban development and a lifelong commitment to learning and working in the urban sector. Coming from humble beginnings as the son of a cab driver in Mumbai, Siddharth’s journey has taken him across major cities, including Boston, Jakarta, Shanghai, New York, Paris, New Delhi, and now Pune, where he is based.

Siddharth is a development professional with 20+ years of experience in building teams and organisations focused on improved capacity, governance and infrastructure in the urban sector. He has also led teams in improving personnel management to deliver improved functionary outcomes of government officials. He has a deep immersive experience that includes designing and managing national urban missions, collaborating with diverse stakeholders such as city governments, local communities, and multilateral agencies, and spearheading initiatives in smart city planning, housing, transportation policy, and community participation.

Siddharth’s professional journey spans across strategic, operational, and leadership positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. He brings to U-CAN a unique blend of skills as a technologist, geographer, and urban planner, coupled with an inspiration with the idea of fostering creative energies and mutually adaptive learning processes to improve the lives in Indian cities.

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